FINSTRACO was established in 2002 by a group of professionals with many years of practical and managerial experience in strategic management, commercial banking and economic research. We are a progressive and flexible company with years of successful business in the market for counselling services, having all the qualifications to satisfy the needs, requirements and expectations of the company’s clients.

The target clients of FINSTRACO include:

  • state sector
  • self-governing authorities
  • businesses and enterprises
  • associations and non-governmental organisations.

We offer high-quality creative services to our clients, focusing on strategic management, on development of new business ideas, on design of projects and on project financing, including practical solution proposals and technical assistance with project implementation, which will contribute to clients´ development and long-term success in the globalised market.

The values followed by our company include:

  • Professionalism based on a responsible approach to doing business, on an informed approach to clients and business partners, on taking responsibility for satisfactory results, on mutual trust and respect, on high ethical standards, transparency and honesty and on developing long-term client relationships.
  • High quality of everything we do based on expertise, experience tried and tested in practice, constant enhancement and training and on the commitment and discretion of our consultants and researchers focused on achieving the required results.
  • Constant improvement and an innovative approach to dealing with the individual needs and expectations of our clients based on team work, flexibility and openness to new ideas and challenges, on creativity, innovative capabilities, efficient solutions and on our ability to penetrate problems and their context, which delivers a unique added value to our clients.


We strive to be a developing and dynamic company with long-term success and corporate responsibility, providing high-quality counselling services in the field of strategic and project management and support of the financing of development projects for our clients, so contributing to their dynamic development and long-term prosperity.