The theoretical and practical experience of the members of our team guarantees the high quality of our analytical studies and forecasts, tailor-made to the requirements of individual clients. Thorough analysis is essential for well-founded strategic decision-making by businesses and regional authorities and for development of strategies and economic and social development programmes by municipalities, towns and self-governing regions.

Operating successfully in any market requires a good understanding of its trends and directions, so analytical studies and forecasts occupy an important place in the range of support services offered by our company. Our analysis includes the following areas:

  • Macroeconomic development of the Slovak and world economies.
    Our studies evaluate developments in the most significant economies from the macroeconomic indicators reported by them and by international agencies, as well as developments in financial markets. We identify the changes and risks that arise from developments in the world economy; predict movements in the major macroeconomic indicators usually over the period of one year (or over a longer time period if required); and assess the impact of world economic trends on the development of the Slovak economy. With respect to the SR, our studies include analysis of trends in macroeconomic indicators and in the financial and banking markets as well as economic forecasts.
  • Development of individual economic sectors.
    Sector studies normally include world development trends for the particular sector, evaluation of the current situation of the sector in the SR and a perspective on its future development, competitive position of producers and the attractiveness and risk rating of the sector with respect to the allocation of capital.
    To meet our client’s requirements, we are ready to carry out studies at a professional level that cover all or only selected sectors of the national economy. The scope and structure of the studies is flexible.
  • Social and economic development of individual regions.
    Regional studies cover the social and economic characteristics of a particular region, the region’s performance, the characteristics of its main sectors, the structure of its business sector, significant companies, scope of investments in the region and perspectives on its future development.
    Regional studies may also include detailed analyses of the competitive environment within particular sectors to meet the needs of individual clients.