Effective marketing is essential, in today’s increasingly competitive environment, to retain existing customers and to win new ones. Sales growth depends on the ability to identify and to satisfy customers’ needs over the long term. Creative, well-managed marketing activities are necessary for competitive success.

Our team, with many years of practical experience of marketing, will advise on how to set up a marketing function that meets the particular needs of your company. We will also design CRM strategies and work with you in the following areas to develop and to implement marketing ideas and initiatives:

  • Marketing strategies and marketing plans, including implementation advice.
  • Market research and surveys.
  • Analysis of the external environment, particularly in the macroeconomic, social and legislative fields.
  • Analyses of the competitive environment in the particular sector.
  • Identification of targeted customer segments.
  • Initiatives for customer relationship management, in order to increase the satisfaction, loyalty and retention of customers.
  • Specification of products and services for individual customer segments.
  • Analyses of the product portfolio focused on its efficiency and profitability, including proposals for its optimisation.
  • Pricing policy concepts and design of product pricing methods.
  • Design and management of distribution network and proposals for its optimisation.
  • Analysis of sales performance.
  • Company promotion, including internal and external communications.

For municipalities, towns and self-governing regions, we offer counselling, educational activities and the development of marketing initiatives, responding to our client’s requirements. Our work includes the following areas:

  • Reviews of the elementary features and significance of marketing – general marketing, marketing of services and its relevance to regional governments, marketing instruments and activities, implementation and objectives of marketing in regional governments.
  • Marketing planning – marketing plan and its links to the development strategy of a region, initial marketing audit (PESTLE analyses and internal analyses), SWOT analyses, defining marketing objectives, planning actions to achieve the objectives, preparing the marketing budget and assessing performance against budget.
  • Marketing information system – collection, analysis and use of data and information.
  • Market research in a region – objectives, methods, tools and budget.
  • Market segmentation – dividing the regional market according to the needs of individual segments and identifying target segments.
  • Marketing mix for the particular territory – coordination of the marketing mix to achieve defined objectives, including the quality and scope of services, means of distribution, pricing, human resources, communication and promotion.