Can my business be saved?
Is it possible to renew the performance of our company and to regain our position in the market?
How can we change the character of the company in order to increase its value and competitiveness?

FINSTRACO brings answers to these questions in the form of business revitalisation projects. We not only answer the questions, we also provide guidance on how to proceed, what problems to tackle first, what changes have to be made and, especially, how to implement them successfully. For all of that, each revitalisation project is unique and tailor-made for the needs of the individual client.

Business revitalisation projects typically cover the following stages:

  • Analysis of the initial strategic situation of the company and identification of the causes and scope of its problems. The analysis covers:
    • The environment and anticipated developments.
    • The sector and its outlook.
    • Competition and expected competitive developments.
    • The internal company environment.
    • SWOT analysis.
    • Identifying and agreeing with management the key issues or problems (about 5-7) facing the company.
  • Defining Vision and Mission.
  • Detailed planning of a restructuring project – normally consisting of operative restructuring (i.e., implementation of urgent changes in the form of fast effect solutions), tactical restructuring (gradual standardisation of company processes and systems implemented over a period of 1-2 years) and strategic restructuring (implementation of material and time demanding systemic changes).
  • Deciding long-term development strategy (strategic objectives, marketing strategy, internal systems and processes strategy, financial strategy).