With pending accession to the European Union, funding for development plans will be available to businesses, municipalities, towns and self-governing regions, as well as non-profit making organisations, unions and associations.  AfterQ accession, the European Union will also make allocations from structural funds and from the Cohesion Fund, from the Financial Mechanism (for example Norway, European Economic Area, Switzerland) and from several international institutions for Slovak subjects. To obtain these resources, it will be necessary to propose high quality projects that are convincing in terms of their ideas, objectives, effectiveness and impact.

In this connection, FINSTRACO offers current and potential clients support in developing project proposals for EU funding, as well as related counselling services, on the following lines:

  • Up-to-date information on EU, Financial Mechanism and international institutions financing supports currently available.
  • Evaluation of a business plan against the conditions specified in the relevant programme or grant scheme, with respect to objectives, applicant eligibility criteria, partnership, activities and eligible costs.
  • Preparation of a project co-financing application together with specification of the background information necessary for documentation of the application and definition of the accompanying documentation and attachments.
  • Clear definition for the project of overall and specific objectives and of target segments.
  • Specification of project actions and timing.
  • Definition of quantified project outputs and their impact on the target segment.
  • Advice about co-funding and the development of a project budget.
  • Creation of a logical framework.
  • The development of a business plan (usually in the case of investment projects).
  • Assistance in the formation of partnerships.
  • Assistance in the implementation and administration of projects.
  • Assessment and monitoring of projects.
  • Evaluation of projects and programs already developed.